Posticks are DIY postcard stickers that you can stick to the back of (almost) anything to create a postcard.

In essence these awesome labels give ordinary things a chance at life as a postcard. It’s a great way to let someone know you’re thinking of them with a more personalised twist. Stick one on the back of a photograph, stick one on a fabric off-cut or stick one on that awesome piece you’ve cut out of last year’s GQ calendar. You could use one on almost anything as long as your “almost anything” is roughly the size and weight of a conventional postcard.

There’s something fantastic and wonderful about receiving postcards. It makes people extremely happy and the postcards last for centuries (unless they’re edible). It’s a miracle!

Now you too can perform miracles. You and Postick together! The options are endless. Buy a pack of 10, 20 or 50 for your friends. You’ll be right at the top of their “top five” list in no time, guaranteed*

If you live in Cape Town, you can find Postick at Orms, at Abode at the Biscuit Mill, at Kin at the V&A at the Waterfront, at PRESENT Space in Kloof Street, Mr & Mrs, at The Deckle Edge, at The Blank Space Collective and at Mungo & Jemima outside Cavendish.

Contact me directly if you’d like to stock them in your store.

Look below for specifications on card-sizes:

· South African Post Office guidelines: The SA Post Office seems to suggest that you follow the US Postal Service postcard requirements…
· US Postcard restrictions
· UK Post Office guidelines
· Australian Post Office guidelines
Maximum size in South Africa & US: 11.5cm x 15cm (4.5” x 6”). The minimum size that a postcard can be in Australia is 88 x 138mm and the maximum size is 130 x 240mm… So make sure you know the restrictions for your country and postal destination.

A lovely little article on Postick recently written in Dutch Flow Magazine:

(September 2013)

Ideas for Postick Postcards:

Here’s the Kickstarter campaign that brought Postick to life in June 2012

I made a little video to say thank you to everyone for making my Kickstarter campaign in 2012 such a great success.

Mailbox thank you from Tatjana Buisson on Vimeo.